A family business since 1871

Situated at the border between the Weinviertel (Wine Quarter) and the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) in Lower Austria, Retzer Land claims a winegrowing tradition dating back over 500 years. Zellerndorf is 6 kilometers South of Retz, a town famous for wine.

In 1871, Franz Schönhofer began cultivating crops and wine in our now 200-year-old winery. With his wife, Johanna, he took care of livestock and harvested potatoes, beets, grains, fruits and vegetables …

… and he made wine from his own vineyards!

Through prudent handling of nature, he laid the foundation for the fine wines we make today.

Ewald Schönhofer is presently producing wine in the fifth generation.

He is supported by his parents, Gertraud and Franz, as well as by his wife, Cornelia. Their children, Alexander (17), Thomas (14) and Theresa (11) are already helping hands …

Premium quality through love and attention!

It is hot and dry at our winery in the foothills of Manhartsberg.

Many hours of sunshine in the summer and cool winds in autumn establish ideal conditions for our grapes to ripen and define the character of our wines.

The vines grow on loam and loess soils. They are the origin of the wines we produce: Sparkling, dry, spicy, acidic, yet also full-bodied white wines – as well as velvety, delicately piquant red wines that are rich in tannin.

At the beginning, soil structure plays an important role in the selection of the grape variety.

That is why we maintain the fertility of the soil – our most important foundation. We consistently work with green management and soil loosening.

Our way leading to the harvest of healthy, ripe grapes is based on pruning in winter for yield regulation, intensive foliage work for optimal canopy management and on time fruit reduction on the vine.

After carefully pressing our grapes, the white wines are aged in a stainless steel tank.

The red wines mature in traditional wooden barrels. Varieties such as Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon are aged in barrels for 12 and 18 months.

Visit us!

Find peace and relaxation surrounded by vineyards!

Enjoy personal service in our guest house!

Find balance by looking over the vintner’s shoulder while he creates his best wines from the diversity of our region.

Treat yourself to a glass of wine – taste the winemaker´s results!

Guest house:

2 double rooms with shower + toilet,

1 triple room with shower + toilet,

1 mansard with a double room, a room with 2 single beds and a bathroom and toilet,

Parking spaces in the courtyard; enjoy our breakfast buffet!

At the winery:

Vintner apartment – attic apartment including a bedroom furnished with a double bed and an additional couch, a spacious kitchen with an additional couch and a bathroom with toilet, 64 m²

“Ouodastock“ apartment – bedroom with double bed, cabinet with 2 single beds, entry room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, TV / Sat, 64m²

Wine journey to the Weinviertel

Spend the day between vineyards and sunflower fields. Stroll through idyllic cellar lanes and visit our wine cellar. A cellar tour, a wine tasting and typical vintner food specialties are waiting for you here! Take a tour of the cellar lane with the winemaker and visit our production facilities in Zellerndorf.

Wine cellar lane tour

Walk through the Maulavern Kellergasse (cellar lane) with a certified cellar guide. Learn details about the „villages without a chimney“, the naive architecture, the viticulture of times past – and much more. Visit the cellar museum and you will certainly see the cellar lanes with new appreciation.

An evening in the cellar

Enjoy tasting through our wine assortment. We also serve culinary specialties. Afterwards we take you into our cellar vaults and let you in on the secrets of the harvest and maturation of wine.

Let the evening end in the midst of our vines with the best drop of your choice.

Groups of 10 to 50 people!

Grape harvest experience

Harvest grapes with us for 3 days and follow their way to the wine barrel.

Taste grape juice and “Sturm“ (fermenting grape juice) …

… and in spring you can order your own self-made wine!

Contact details

Winzerhof Schönhofer

Cornelia and Ewald Schönhofer

2051 Zellerndorf 128

Tel / Fax: 02945 2923

Mobile: 0676 4305 337



Wine lovers – meet our production!

White wines 0,75l

Grüner Veltliner Classic

Haiden vineyard route

Light and animated – characteristic of the Weinviertel region

Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC

Längen vineyard route

Altenberg vineyard route

„Districtus Austria Controllatus“

with playfully spicy pepper


Wartberg vineyard route

Wine in a full flavor variation


Altenberg vineyard route

Fruit, purebred white wine with peach tones

Pinot Blanc

Maulavern vineyard route

Variety belonging to the Ruland family with typical walnut tones

Pinot Gris

Maulavern vineyard route

An unusual white wine with higher minerality, balanced with higher sugar-free extract. A rarity!


Maulavern vineyard route

A classic, full-bodied companion to desserts

Red wines 0,75l


Altenberg vineyard route

Fine, velvety red wine


Längen vineyard route

Fruity character with strong tannins


Altenberg vineyard route

This vine grows on loess and clay-covered rock to produce this wine with fine tannins.


Satzen vineyard route

A robust red wine that tastes like blackberries, with tannins and fine, sugar-free extract

Barrique wines 0,75l

Zweigelt Reserve

Längen vineyard route

Robust and rich in tannins, matured in oak barrels.


Wartberg vineyard route

80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. Magnificent wine from small barrels.